Colciencias, in compliance with Law 872 of 2003 does here create the Quality Management System in the Executive Branch of the Government for the Public Sector and for outsourcing entities; and in compliance with Decree 4110 of 2004 does here adopt the NTCGP 1000:2009 resolution, states the guidelines of the Quality Management System –SGC- for the Administrative Department of Science, technology, and Innovation – Colciencias.

The previously said, is in agreement with the National Policy of Promotion for Research and Innovation, Law 1286 of 2009, Decree 1904 of 2009, and Conpes 3582 about Science, Technology, and Innovation, which redirect and strengthen the National System of Science, Technology, and Innovation –SNCTI in order find a productive model based on science, technology, and innovation –CTI.

S.G.C. Policies

Colciencias is committed with the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of the National Policy of science, technology, and Innovation, and its corresponding execution by the SNCTI actors, creating the conditions so that knowledge becomes an instrument for economical and social development.

The consolidation of this purpose requires an on-going improvement of processes and services, including a qualified and committed team, and also physical, technological, and financial resources to contribute with this on-going institutional improvement.

S.G.C. Objectives

  • Guarantee, by means of the Process Operational model, the formulation and guidance of the CTI National Policy in an effective and synchronized way with the SNCTI agents; and carry out courses of action for the appropriation of knowledge.
  • Contribute with the CTI capacities of the country by means of an optimum performance of the internal operation of Colciencias.
  • Create a committed and well trained human-resource team.
  • Improve regularly the Quality Management System in the Department.


The scope of S.G.C. in Colciencias covers all the processes determined in the macro-process map of the entity and complies with the NTCGP1000:2004 established regulations, answering thus, the necessities and expectations of the users and/or citizens.

Macro-Processes Map

It reflects the management and accomplishment of the mission of the entity, by means of a process-leveled management, being able to guarantee the fulfillment of necessities and expectations of the users and/or citizens.