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rk security incidents shook

rk security incidents shook the whole of society is also a no. Safety is the need to pay additional consideration of the user, such as replacement of passwords to remember passwords is very

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troublesome, no undergone painful experience, it is difficult to really pay attention to

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network security.The "bleeding heart" events may cause earthquakes class network disaster, there may

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be remedied in a timely and fortunate because smoothed over,
be dragged into

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it.On its dangers, can clearly say that this "bleeding heart" and Ctrip event

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is quite different, which is a global network security incidents, code-named "bleeding heart"

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(Heartbleed) can be seen from. Vulnerability is probably this: OpenSSL is currently the

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most widely used on the Internet secure transmission methods (SSL-based Secure Sockets Layer

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protocol that is), many electricity providers, pay class interface, social, portals are in

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the application of this agreement, but at a certain version of the design

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and iteration, because of negligence leading to the next legacy programmers
even as

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one way.Xi Jinping, the wearing of clothing into the collar of a foreign

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dress, the dress category, given the opportunity to participate in similar occasions, senior

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officials, a new choice. Xi Jinping had been done drastic subtraction of clothing,

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he reduced the lead dress occasions after the 18th CCP large number of

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internal meetings at his choice of wearing a dark jacket.In the first group

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visits after the Standing Committee of eighteen, five people wearing jackets, they wear

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suits, they also chose to wear a suit shirt buttons open the first

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tablets, no tie. Among the leaders in the past, wearing a jacket is

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generally the case under the following primary research.Is a collarless

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jacket, sleeveless garment, leading cadres around quickly accepted this way of clothing, on