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gical education is regarded

gical education is regarded as China's military is a major anti-corruption "secret weapon." But education alone

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to curb corruption within the military is clearly not enough to prevent corruption

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from the design of the system has already begun.February 2006, the CMC promulgated

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the "Regulations army duty crime prevention work," marking the prevention of such crimes

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within the military began to enter the legal system.More deeply affect the process

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of combating the Chinese army is in full swing audit system. As one

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of the anti-corruption preventive measures, enacted after the amendment in March 2007, "People's

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burghausen County area, found a number of strange footprints, they looked like "a

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big fellow wearing of gloves thick skins", which is called hand beast footprint,

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meaning in Greek "hand of the beast."The "big glove" There sideways separate "thumb",

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very strange footprints located "outside", which does not meet the growing tradition extant terrestrial animals, the confusion caused up to 170 years of academic dispute. Initially, geologists first thought these "fingerprints"

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or belong to the early hominid apes. In 1842, the famous anatomist Owen

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believes these footprint tooth amphibian fans are left. 1914 and 1917, scholars believe

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that the hand by some primitive animal footprints left by dinosaurs.In 1925, German

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scientist Ze Geer hands with South Africa's animal footprints fake
rams go Commerce DepartmentIt

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is understood that after the long-rumored Caofeidian will declare regarding FTA has entered

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a substantive stage of operation. Vice Mayor Caofeidian area Gui Bao revealed FTA

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application program has been submitted to the State Council at the end of

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February, has been forwarded to the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce handled

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Caofeidian also do research to prepare the docking ministries.Caofeidian are 13 sug