Foro Convenio Grupo de Energía de Bogotá

Foro de discusión para los coordinadores departamentales participantes en el convenio de cooperación entre el Programa Ondas de Colciencias, la Fundación FES Social y la Fundación Grupo Energía de Bogotá.

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within the military announced

within the military announced the details of the case lessIn 2010, the deputy director of the NPC Foreign Affairs

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Committee, former People's Liberation Army Deputy Chief of Staff Admiral Liu Zhenwu said in an interview,

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said the army has been emphasis on anti-corruption issues, efforts to combat corruption are even tougher

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investigated within the military system, not publicly.Without a public hearing in accordance with international conventionsAccording to

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the Criminal Procedure Code provides
orities to be party to party, party style, discipline and education,

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corruption officers from the Military Prosecutor's Office prosecuted and sent to a military court for trial.Discipline

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is corruption within the military forces of the "main force." According to the Central Military Commission

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in 2010 issued a "Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China Army Work",

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above the regiment level units to be set up Commission for Discipline Inspection, while the composition

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army units a
ately equivalent to 8 billion cubic meters of natural gas) is.It is understood that

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Beijing was about 10 billion cubic meters of gas consumption, the project will become a major

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new gas sources Beijing east.Industry PlanningShougang two still need to determine approvalCaofeidian lasting bonds with Beijing due to the relocation of Shougang, there are still four or five thousand a week shuttle bus to and

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from the two places.Shougang Jingtang steel plant project in March 5, 2005 beginning at Caofeidian Reclamation,

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March 12, 2007 officially started construction, June 26, 2010 a project fully completed and put into

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production, the formation of an annual output of 8.98 million tons iron, 9.7 million tons of

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